2009. EXHIBITION "WORLD CHESS OLYMPIAD" (Volume of 80 sheets - 5 frames each 16 sheets). EXHIBITOR Vladislav AMIGUD. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA * Frame-3. 

p33. XXIV Chess Olympiad was held on Malta (La-Valletta, 20.11.-6.12.1980). The smallest national federation accepted record number of the countries - 81. * A Post of Malta noted 24th Chess Olympiad a series of postage stamps and the special postmarks. The special postmark devoted to XXIV Chess Olympiad and congress FIDE. * FDC of issue of mail of Malta devoted to XXIV Chess Olympiad.

p34. On XXIV Chess Olympiad the team of Hungary was in the lead from 1-st round and at the end of the last was ahead of the USSR on one point. But A.Karpov has won at last a party and the team of the USSR catch up with Hungary, and on additional parameters has won 1st place. * The best results at leader A.Karpov and of the debutant 17-years G.Kasparov. Veterans - L.Polugaevsky, M.Tal, E.Geller and one more debutant J.Balashov have supported them. * For the first time a gold medal of chess Olympiad - on by postage stamp. These medal has received V.Huks (British Virgin Islands) for the best result on 1-st board. * The Romanian mail noted 24th Chess Olympiad a series of postage stamps and was applied in city of Timishoare a machine slogan postmark of with a wish of successes to the Romanian sportsmen on chess Olympiad on Malta.

p35. XXV Chess Olympiad (Lucerne, 30.10 - 16.11.1982) was won a team of the USSR. 14th the victory of a team of the USSR on Chess Olympiads was noted on stamp of Malagasy Republic. A mail of the USSR has not noted any of victories of chess players of the country. * It was last World Chess Olympiad for M.Tal who has finished her without defeats, as well as A. Karpov and G.Kasparov. * The letter with a special postmark sent from Ausstellungshalle юllmend - places of realization of XXV Chess Olympiad.

p36. XXVI Chess Olympiad for the first time was held at the homeland of classical Olympiads - at Greece, in Thessaloniki 18.11. - 5.12.1984. * The roller login postmarks (Athenes and Thessaloniki) with advertising XXVI Chess Olympiad.

p37. In a team of the USSR it was 6th and last Olympiad for L.Polugaevsky. For A. Beljavsky and A.Jusupov - the second, the others - R.Vaganjan, V.Tukmakov and A.Sokolov - debutants. Despite of it, 15th a victory. 2nd and 3rd prize-winners (England, USA) have lagged behind on 4 and 6 points. * The special postmarks of XXVI Chess Olympiad: Opening of Olympiad - (the top envelope); Congress FIDE - (the bottom envelope)

p38. The mail of Bulgaria has noted closing XXVI Chess Olympiad by issue of the postal stationery envelope and a special postmark. * Special numbered envelope and special postmark of mail of Greece devoted to closing of XXVI Chess Olympiad

p39. XXVII World Chess Olympiad (Dubai, 14.11. - 2.12.1986) has brought the next records: - for the first time the number of countries - participants has exceeded one hundred - 107; * - The team of the USSR increase the account of the won Chess Olympiads up to 16. * Mail of the United Arab Emirates has devoted to XXVII Chess Olympiad a series from three stamps (two stamps are issued both in sheets, and in booklets), and these stamps issued in two special mini sheets - the perforated and imperforated.

p40. The booklet with 10 stamps (50 fils) from the series United Arab Emirates devoted to XXVII Chess Olympiad. The letter with a special postmark addressed to grand master J.Averbah to the chairman of the qualifying commission on XXVII Chess Olympiad. * G.Kasparov and A.Karpov again headed a team of winners. G.Kasparov has received an individual gold medal for the best result on 1st board and is recognized as the best player of Olympiad.

p41. The special postmark devoted to XXVII Chess Olympiad. Cuba, Pinar del Rio. * Paraguay. A overprint on a mini sheet of issued of 1982 (⌠ XXVII - DUBAI/Olimpiada de Ajedrez - 1986 ⌠) has 2 types distinguish in the size of letters of the text. The smaller size - on fields of a mini sheet, big - on stamps. * The mail of Bulgaria has noted XXVII Chess Olympiad the PSE.

p42. XXVIII Chess Olympiad again in Thessaloniki (12 - 30 .11.1988) and a team of the USSR wins again in Thessaloniki. * Special numbered envelope and special postmark devoted to opening of XXVIII Chess Olympiad 12.11.88. * The special envelope and special postmark devoted to congress F.I.D.E. which was held on XXVIII Chess Olympiad 25.11.88.

p43. The team of the USSR has won in Saloniki and became 17-fold winner of Chess Olympiads. England has lagged behind on 6 points and has occupied 2 place. * Leaders of a team of G.Kasparov, A.Karpov and debutant V.Ivanchuk have finished Olympiad without defeats. * G.Kasparov has again occupied 1 place on 1st board and was the strongest on a rating the chess player of Olympiad. This chess Olympiad was last for A.Karpov and he has finished her adequately - the best on 2nd board and the second on a rating. * Special postmark of closing of Olympiad (30.11.88) and a special registration stamp "Registered" with the text ╚ chess Olympiad ╩.

p44. The PSE and special postmark of mail of Bulgaria. * The special postmark of mail of Hungary in honors of XXVIII Chess Olympiad.

p45. XXIX Chess Olympiad was held to Novi Sad 16.11.-4.12.1990. Mail of Yugoslavia for one year prior to the beginning of Olympiad issued charitable stamp for fund raising in fund of Olympiad. * The first day of issued charitable stamp (face value 600 dinar) for fund raising, in the help of the organization of Olympiad. The second stamp by face value 1 new dinar is issued 18.10.90. * The mail of Yugoslavia of the beginning to apply an label postmark in Novi Sad prior to the beginning of Olympiad. * FDC of stamps of Yugoslavia in honors of XXIX Chess Olympiad.

p46. 108 teams took part in the XXIX Chess Olympiad. This Olympiad was last for the USSR, GDR and Yugoslavia. * The special postmark in honors of congress FIDE within the framework of XXIX Olympiad. * The special numbered envelope and the special postmark devoted to opening of XXIX Chess Olympiad.

p47. XXIX Chess Olympiad was won with a team of the USSR in which were 4-fold champion A.Jusupov and 3-fold champion and A.Beljavsky, the champion-88 V.Ivanchuk and debutants B.Gel''fand, L.Judasin and E.Bareev. * It was last Chess Olympiad for the 18-fold winner team of USSR. He go away not defeated. * The special postcard and special postmark ╚ Declaration of the winner ╩. * The victory of a man''s team of the USSR (and female team Hungary) in Novi Sad was noted a special postmark with mail of Hungary. The mail of the USSR has not noted any of 18 victories of the team of own land.

p48. V. SMYSLOV. The Participant and the champion of 9 Chess Olympiads (1952-1960, 1964, 1968 - 1972). On the own board: 4 times - 1 place, two each - 2 and 3 place. From 113 games has won 69, has lost 2. * T. PETROSJAN. The participant and the champion of 9 Chess Olympiads (1958 - 1974, 1978). On the own board: 6 times - 1 place. From 129 games has won 78, has lost 1.


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