2009. EXHIBITION "WORLD CHESS OLYMPIAD" (Volume of 80 sheets - 5 frames each 16 sheets). EXHIBITOR Vladislav AMIGUD. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA * Frame 5 

p65. ╚ Prize of Nona Gaprindashvili ╩ for the best total result of men and female teams of one country for the first time is played on XXXV Olympiad. The prize was received by the Russian Chess federation. * Mail of Romania has noted XXXV Chess Olympiad, by issuing the miniature sheet from three stamps. * A special postmark of the mail of Slovenia in commemoration of Congress F.I.D.E., in the frames of XXXV Chess Olympiad.

p66. The mini sheet of Equatorial Guinea devoted to Chess Olympiad in Bled. * PSE and a special postmark of Romania in honors of opening XXXV Chess Olympiad

p67. XXXVI Chess Olympiad was held on island Malorka in city of Kalvia of 14.-30.10.2004. * The team of Ukraine (was occupying on 32nd both 33rd Olympiads 2 and 3 place) has won for the first time. * The double champion of Olympiads in a team of the USSR, nowadays - the leader of a team Ukraine - V. Ivanchuk (look on fields of the mini sheet of Congo), has finished Olympiad without defeats, as well as young debutants P.Eljanov and S.Karjakin. * World Champion of F.I.D.E. of 2002 R.Ponomarev (represented on stamp of the mini sheet of Congo) play on 2nd board. * The special postmark in honors of XXXVI Chess Olympiad, used in Kalvia daily during her realization.

p68. The special postmarks ⌠First Day of an emission of a stamp■ of towns Madrid, Barcelona and Calvia.

p69. The special postmark in memory of the 36th national fair of postage stamps (Madrid, 18 -28.03.04). These fair dedicated to 36th of the World chess Olympiad. * The mail of Romania on (already) tradition has noted Chess Olympiad PSE.

p70. The team of Armenia has won bronze medals In 1992 and 2002 and on XXXVII Chess Olympiad in Turin (20.05 - 4.06.2006) - a victory) * On stamps of Armenia are devoted to XXXVII Chess Olympiad is marked not only the winner - a team of Armenia, but also by name all its members (the stamp by face value 350 d): L.Aronjan, V.Akopjan, K.Asrjan, S.Lputjan, G.Sargisjan, A.Minosjan. * The letter with a special postmark of the first day of games of XXXVII Chess Olympiad.

p71. Decisions of 77th Congress FIDE in Turin: 1. President F.I.D.E. K.Iljumzhinov re-elected on the following term. 2. The city of Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) is chosen capital of Chess Olympiad of 2010. * The letter with the special postmark devoted opening of 77-th Congress F.I.D.E . * A special postmark "First Day of emission of Italian stamp devoted of XXXVII Chess Olympiad. This date coincides with the day of solemn opening of the 36th chess Olympiad.

p72. In honor of the 36-th World chess Olympiad: 1. FDC of stamp of Moldova. 2. * The stamp of Georgia. 3. * Traditionally a PSE issued of a mail of Romania.

p73. 38th World chess Olympiad was held in Dresden 12-25.11.2008. Deutsche post noted this event the issue of postage stamps and special postmarks. Letters with the German stamps and with special postmarks, devoted to the 38th World chess Olympiad.

p74. The special meters slogan postmarks with a emblem of 38th Chess Olympiad were applied in ⌠Ostsachsise Sparkasse Dresden■ (the sponsor of the 38th Chess Olympiad) and in the organizing committee of the 8-th world Chess Olympiad

p75. Ist Female Chess Olympiad (Emmen, 2 - 21.09.1957) has collected 21 team consisting from 2 chess players (without spare). The cup of Vera Menchik - a prize for 1 place is handed a team of the USSR (the World Champion O.Rubzova and K.Zvorykina). * Envelope - K.Zvorykina autograph, Champion I and II Females Chess Olympiads on which she has not lost any party

p76. A team of the USSR again was won to II Female Chess Olympiad (Split, 21.09 - 10.10.1963). She will win a victory on nexts in 9 Female Chess Olympiads in succession in which she participated. (In 1976 - did not participate). * N.Gaprindashvili leader a team, is represented on the stamp (1985) which noted 9 victories of the USSR on female Olympiads, near to cup of V.Menchik - a prize to the a team - winner of competitions. * The machine slogan postmark with advertising 2nd female Chess Olympiad was applied in October, 1963 to Sarajevo. * The machine slogan postmark with advertising 2nd female Chess Olympiad was applied in July - August, 1963 in Ljubljana. * The special postmark are noted of opening of II Female Chess Olympiad. The team of the USSR acted in structure: N.Gaprindashvili, T.Zatulovskaja, K.Zvorykina

p77. The special postmark are marking IIIrd Female Chess Olympiad (Oberhausen. 3-15.10.1966). 3rd a victory of chess players of the USSR (N.Gaprindashvili, V.Kozlovskaja, T.Zatulovskaja). * IV Female Chess Olympiad (Lublin, 8 - 23.09.1969) was finished by a victory of a team of the USSR (N.Gaprindashvili, A.Kushnir, N. Alexandria). In 14 matches - 13 victories and one drawn game. * Difference of special postmarks of Lublin, are devoted to IV Female Olympiad: "Opening" 1) Date in the centre of picture: ╚ 7. IX.1969 ╩, 2) date in the text ╚ 7-23. XI.1969 ╩. * "Closing" 1) Date in the centre of picture: ╚ 23. IX.1969 ╩, 2) date in the text ╚ 7-23. XI.69 ╩.

p78. V Female Chess Olympiad for the first time was joint with men''s XX Chess Olympiad in Skoplje, 18.09 - 7.10.1972. The women team of the USSR has won in 5th time in succession . N.Gaprindashvili, A.Kushnir and debutant I.Levitina had no defeats. * The Post of Yugoslavia has marked joint carry out of two Olympiads in the text of a special postmark and in drawing of stamps ( two the chess crowns). * VIII Female Chess Olympiad (Buenos Aires 25.10 - 12.11.1978). The women team of the USSR win 7th a victory. This time and for a long time of a team has headed a World Champion M.Chiburdanidze. Except her in a team playing N.Gaprindashvili, A.Alexandria. E.Ahmylovskaja has won all 10 parties. * The special postmark of Argentina devoted to VIII Female Chess Olympiad, was applied in Buenos Aires 25.10 - 12.11.78. * The team of the USSR has won and next on IX - XII Females Chess Olympiads (1980 - 1986 )

p79. XIII Female Chess Olympiad (Tessaloniki, 12 - 30.11.1988) for the first time was won a command(team) of Hungary in structure of debutants of sisters Zhuzhi, Judit and of Sofia Polgar and skilled I.Madl. * The special postmark in honour of a victory of a team of Hungary on 13th Female Chess Olympiad. * In next month the Hungarian mail has applied one more the special postmark in honour of a victory in Thessaloniki. * The team of Hungary has won (in the same staff) and on XIV Female Chess Olympiad (Novi Sad, 16.11.- 4.12.1990). Having collected equal with a team of the USSR a number of points, she have left on 1 place on additional parameters, even having lost personal meeting. * The special postmark devoted to a victory of the team of Hungary on XIV Female Chess Olympiad. He marks also a victory on XXIX Chess Olympiad by a man''s team of the USSR.

p80. V (Manila, 7 - 25.06.1992), XVI (Moscow, 30.11 - 17.12.1994), XVII (Yerevan, 15.09 - 2.10.1996) Females Chess Olympiads has won a team of Georgia. * Mail of Georgia issued the mini sheet devoted to these victories, having named by name all chess players: M.Chiburdanidze, N.Ioseliani and N.Gurieli - (XV, XVI, XVII); K. Arachamija - (XV - XVI); N.Gaprindashvili (XV). The team of Georgia headed by M. Chiburdanidze won by 23-th women''s chess Olympiad. * The team of China won on XVIII (Elista, 26.09 - 13.10.1998), XIX (Istanbul, 28.10 - 12.11.2000), XX (аКЕД, 25.10 - 11.11.2002), XXI (йЮКЭБХЮ, 14 - 30.10.2004) females Chess Olympiads. * Xie Jun, Zhu Chen, Xu Yuhua -3-fold, Van Pin, Zhao Xue and Wang Lei - double the Champions Females Chess Olympiads. * The special postmark in honor of XIX Female Chess Olympiad on which have won Chinese chess players, (and of XXXIV Man''s Chess Olympiads), was applied by in city the Mol (Yugoslavia). * The team of Ukraine (N.Zhukova, K.Lahno, I.Janovskaja-Gaponenko, A.Ushenina ) has won on XXII female Chess Olympiad in Turin (20.05 - 4.06.2006). * PSE and meter slogan postmark, devoted to a victory Ukrainian female chess players in Turin (it was applied in Lvov 8-10.12.2006).


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