EXHIBITION "CHESS OLYMPIAD" Frame 1. (Volume of 96 sheets - 6 frames x 16 sheets). EXHIBITOR Vladislav AMIGUD. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA (2007) 

p001 * Выставка "Петербургский вернисаж. Неделя почтовых коллекций". Внеконкурсный класс. (Санкт-Петербург, 14 - 18. 05. 2008). * The exhibition " The Petersburg vernisage. Week of mail collections ". Outside Contesting class. (St.-Petersburg, 14 - 18. 05. 2008). * Die Ausstellung " Den petersburgers Wernissage. Die Woche der postalischen Kollektionen ". Die Klasse konkurrenzlos.


p002 The antiquity of a chess is confirmed the chessmen found at archeological excavations. The chessmen (a bone, XII c.), found in Byelorussia (Postal stationery envelope of Byelorussia). * Chess pieces (XV c.) from a historical museum of Trakai. (FDC of emission of Lithuania). * The chess pieces (ivory, Hulbuk, X - XI c.). Stamp from set of Tadjikistan, devoted 1100th Anniversary of State Samanid.

p004. The legend about occurrence of the chess, described in poem Firdousi (940 - 1020) "Sakh-Nama". Issue of Tadjikistan (1993) in honour of a Millenary of a poem "Sakh - Nамa". * Duel of Gev and Talhand. * In spite of the fact that each of players aspires to a victory, initially essence of a chess - a brotherly knightly duel.

p005. The first INTERNATIONAL TEAM competition (with some share of a conditional) was a series of plays between the strongest the then chess players of Spain (R.Lopes de Segura and A.Seron) and Italy (P. Buy and D.Leonardo), at a palace of king of Spain of Phillip II in 1575, but in different time. * R.Lopes de Segura - the strongest chess player of Spain of second half XVI century. * King of Spain Phillip II - the big fan(amateur) of a chess and the patron of chess players, has much made for development of a chess in Spain and Europe. (The postal stationery envelope of Spain 1998)

p006 The strongest chess players of the different countries long since competed in matches and tournaments. But unsystematic character of these meetings did not allow to define the generally known champion. * The first official international tournament in a history of a chess (London, 1851) has won A.Andersen

p007 The first generally known world chess champion became W.Steinitz in 1886. Among other applicants, twice challenged this rank in matches with it M. Chigorin. * The Second world chess champion became E.Lasker in 1894. Twice D.Janovskij unsuccessfully struggled with it for this rank

p008 Creation of national chess federations became a basis for the organization of the international personal and team competitions. The special postmarkin of honour of a 125-anniversary of education of one of the oldest German chess unions. * The issue of Jersey devoted to century of the creations the British chess federation (1904). * Special a postmarkes in honour of anniversaries of chess federations of Switzerland (1889), Czechoslovakia (1905), Swedens (1907).

p009 On VIII Olympic games (Paris, 1924) for the first time was held a personal-team chess tournament among chess players - amateurs. His winners (Latvian G.Mattisson and a team of Czechoslovakia) were awarded with gold Olympic medals, same, as in other kinds of sports. * A.Alehin was the director - manager of chess tournament. M.Ejve then still the amateur, has occupied in personal 4th place. * The second was in tournament Latvian F.Apsheniek, subsequently the leader of a team of Latvia on chess Olympiads. A special envelope with a postage stamp in honour of F.Apshenieka''s 100-anniversary, sent from the Latvian city of Tetele of his native land.

p010 The postmark “ PARIS 23.7.24” on Olympic stamp . In this day in Paris, during VIII Olympic games, was based the International Chess Federation. * The chess federation of the USSR was accepted in members F.I.D.E. in 1947. In the structures of F.I.D.E. in different years were selected the pilot - cosmonaut the President of Chess federation of the USSR V.Sevast''janov, the World Champions A. Karpov, G.Kasparov. * The official emblem and motto F.I.D.E. “ GENS UNA SUMUS ” are represented on the envelope of service F.I.D.E. addressed in Chess Federation of the USSR.

p011 Popularization of a chess, it is especial among children and youth. * Rendering assistance in creation and development of national chess structures. * All basic decisions are accepted on annual congresses FIDE. Efficiency of issue of mail of Austria devoted 56-му to congress FIDE (Graz, 1985г.). The autograph of President ФИДЕ of F.Kampomanes.

p012 The international of personal and team competitions. * Personal and team championships of the world. * The world chess Olympiads. (Till 1952 of them named also « Tournament of the Nations », or « the Cup of Hamilton-Rassel ». Most full to primary goal F.I.D.E. - to propagation of a chess - corresponds(meets) first "child" F.I.D.E. - the world chess Olympiads, the very mass and democratic chess competitions.

p013 The first World Chess Olympiad was held in London 18 - 29.07.1927. Has won, as well as on following II Olympiad (Hague, 1928г.) a team of Hungary. * The Westminister-Central-Hall - a place of realization of 1st Olympiad. * G.Maroczy the leader of a team of Hungary on 1st Chess Olympiad. * In London from 16 participants of 15 teams were from Europe. * In frameworks 1st of Olympiad was held 1st the female World championship. Winner am V. Menchik. * the Cup of Hamilton-Rassel - a prize for a victory on the World Chess Olympiads.

p014 III World Chess Olympiad was held 13 - 27.07.1930 in Hamburg and was finished by a victory of a team of Poland. After this Olympiad to participation are supposed both amateurs and professionals. * F. Semish- the player of a team of the Germany which has occupied on III Olympiad 3rd place is represented by F.Zemish on stamp of Djibouti. The World Champion A.Alehin''s (France) - debutant on Olympiads , has won all 9 parties. * The Leader of winners - A.Rubinshtejn has collected 15 point in 17 parties. The international chess tournaments « A.Rubinshtejna''s Memorial » hold regularly in Poland.

p015 On IV - VI World chess Olympiads was an alternation of generations of chess players, new leaders appeared among teams and inside them. These Olympiads were won with a team of USA. IV Chess Olympiad was held in Prague 11-26.07.1931. Games was held in the most popular in Prague of cafe « At Novak », in a hall containing 800 spectators. * E. Bogolubov played on Olympiad in first and last time. * V.Mikenas debuted in Prague on Olympiads - the leader of a team of Lithuania on IV - VIII Olympiads. Special postmark of memorial V. Mikenasa (1997, Lithuania.). * World champion A.Alehin (France) on IV - V Olympiads Has shown the best result on 1st board. * IV World Chess Olympiad is marked by mail of Czechoslovakia only 60 years after. The meter slogan postmark of Czechoslovakia devoted to a 60-anniversary of held the IV Chess Olympiad.

p016 19-years old P.Keres debuted on VI Chess Olympiad. Кереs was the leader of a team of Estonia on VI-VIII and then and in a team of the USSR on X - XV Chess Olympiads. * M.Najdorf has appeared to a team of owners of Olympiad. He played on three Olympiads for a team of Poland, and then for nine Olympiads for a team of Argentina.

"CHESS OLYMPIADS". The collection was on display since 1986 on regional, all-Union (since 1992 - All-Russia) and the international philatelic exhibitions in the USSR and Russia, and also exhibitions abroad.
* ЭКСПОЗИЦИЯ "ШАХМАТНЫЕ ОЛИМПИАДЫ". Объем 96 листов (6 стендов по 16 листов). Коллекция экспонировалась с 1986 года на региональных, всесоюзных (с 1992 года - Всероссийских) и международных филателистических выставках в СССР и России, а также выставках за рубежом.

My collection "World Chess Olympiads" * Моя коллекция "Всемирные Шахматные Олимпиады"
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