EXHIBITION "CHESS OLYMPIAD" Frame 3. (Volume of 96 sheets - 6 frames x 16 sheets). EXHIBITOR Vladislav AMIGUD. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA (2007) 

p033 XVIII World Chess Olympiad was held in Lugano 17.10. - 7.11.1968. Mail of Switzerland started advertising Olympiad from 7 months up to its beginning, was issued of stamp. The machine slogan postmarks were applied since September in 6 cities in three state languages of Switzerland (German, French, Italian). * The machine slogan postmarks devoted to XVIII chess Olympiad was applied in Basel 1.10 - 7.11.68. * The postmark of the First Day for the stamp devoted to XVIII chess Olympiad.

p034 For the first time on chess Olympiads players of one team have not lost any party. It was the team of the USSR ( T.Petrosjan, V.Korchnoj, L.Polugaevsky, V.Smyslov, (all - the best on boards), B.Spassky, E.Geller) which has won on chess Olympiads of 9th times in succession. * For T. Petrosjan and B.Spassky it were already accordingly 6-я and 4-я Olympiads without defeats. * Special a numbered postcard with a commemorative medal (2400 copies) and the special postmark, sent in day of opening of XVIII Chess Olympiad.

p035 On XIX World Chess Olympiad (Sigen, 5 - 27.09.1970) a team of the USSR (B.Spassky, T.Petrosjan, V.Korchnoj, L.Polugaevsky, V. Smyslov, E.Geller) has won in 10th time in succession. * The leader of a team B.Spassky again without defeats. A party with R.Fisher has won B.Spassky. * Play R. Fisher and. B.Spassky. * The machine slogan postmark was applied by mail 1.03-30.05 and 14.06-30.09.70. * Special postmark devoted to Congress F.I.D.E.

p036 XX World Chess Olympiad (Skopje, 18.09 - 13.10.1972) was finished by the eleventh victory of a team of the USSR. For the nine fold winner of Chess Olympiads V.Smyslova this Olympiad was last, and for new rising chess star A.Karpov''s - the first. * V.Smyslov without defeats has finished the 9th Olympiad. * M.Tal, V.Korchnoj and A.Karpov were received with individual gold medals for the best result on the boards. * On mark of Yugoslavia - sight of Skopje - the ancient arched bridge. He became a basis of an emblem of XX Chess Olympiad and special postmark Skopje.

p037 Mail of Yugoslavia issued the stamps devoted to XX Chess Olympiad per day of her opening. Thus, envelopes and special a postmark FDC used in Skopje, Belgrade and Zagreb, have got value and as postmark of opening of Olympiad

p038 XXI World Chess Olympiad (Nice, 6 - 30.06.1974) has collected record number of the countries-74. The record number of the countries has noted XXI Chess Olympiad a emission of stamps: France, Hungary, Mali, Dahomey, Cameroon and Niger. * Philatelists have remained are pleased with results of Olympiad in Nice …

p039 The team of the USSR has established the third record of XXI Olympiad having won in 12 times in succession. Also has improved the record not having lost any of 88 played parties (in Lugano - from 76). * A. Karpov, B.Spassky, T.Petrosjan and M.Tal have received individual Gold medals for the best result on the board. A bronze medals at V.Korchnoy and G.Kuzmin. * V.Korchnoj last time has acted for a command(team) of the USSR. Since 1978 he plays for a team of Switzerland. * Special postmark used in Nice during of Olympiad

p040 The numbered FDC of issue of Niger devoted to XXI Chess Olympiad. * In a series of stamps of Hungary devoted to 50-anniversary F.I.D.E. one stamp marks XXI Chess Olympiad. 2 special postmarks were applied to FDC of this series, one of which also is devoted to XXI Chess Olympiad in Nice.

p041 On XXII chess Olympiad (Haifa, 24.10 - 10.11.1976) the politics has shaken firmness « GENS UNA SUMUS ». About half of countries - members ФИДЕ, including the USSR, Yugoslavia, Hungary, ЧССР, are boycotting Olympiad. The team of USA has won after a forty-year break. * Mail of Israel has noted XXII Olympiad release of a series of stamps and a special postmark. * 38 teams boycotting XXII Olympiad in Haifa, hold « Chess Contrary-Olympiad » (Tripoli, 24.10 - 15.11. 1976) ), not recognized ФИДЕ. The team of El Salvador has won. * The FDC of a series of stamps of Libya are devoted to « Chess Contrary-Olympiad » in Tripoli.

p042 On XXIII Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aires (25.10 - 12.11.1978) the team of Hungary has won third time, on очко having outstrip a team of the USSR and on 2 очка - USA. Mail of Hungary after one and a half month has noted a victory of compatriots a special postmark. * Then mail of Hungary has noted a victory of a team, issuing of stamp and a special postmark of the First day. The stamp it is issued in two variants - punched and not punched. * On an envelope of the First day are listed not only winners of XXIII Olympiad - to L.Portish, Z.Ribli, D.Sax, A.Chom, I.Adorjan, I.Vadasz, but also the chess players who have brought to Hungary a victory a half centuries back on I and II Chess Olympiads.

p043 Mail of Argentina has noted XXIII Chess Olympiad release of stamp, FDC and special postmarks. * 1. The postmark of the First day was applied in Buenos Aires and in 20 cities of Argentina. * The special postmark, having in the text a mention about VIII Chess Olympiad (« 1939 - 1978 »), was applied: * 2. - in day of opening of Olympiad with date 26-okt.-1978 * 3. - and in day of her closing with date 12-nov.-1978

p044 The special postmark was applied daily during Olympiad in post office of hotel " Sheraton " (1104) - places of residing of participants of Olympiad. * The special stamp was applied daily during Olympiad in post office of stadium « River Plate » (1428) places of realization of competition.

p045 XXIV Chess Olympiad was held on Malta (La-Valletta, 20.11.-6.12.1980). The smallest national federation accepted record number of the countries - 81. * On stamp - a position from a party of the leader of a team of Virgin Islands was played on XXIV Olympiad. * The mail of Malta and Romania have noted of Olympiad on Malta release of stamps. Two stamps directly concern to this Olympiad have in set of British Virgin Islands devoted to 60-anniversary F.I.D.E. * FDC of issue of mail of Malta devoted to XXIV Chess Olympiad.

p046 On XXIV Chess Olympiad the team of Hungary was in the lead from 1st round and at the end of the last was ahead of the USSR on one point. But A.Karpov has won at last a party and the team of the USSR catch up with Hungary, and on additional parameters has won 1st place. * The best results at leader A.Karpov and of the debutant 17-years G.Kasparov. Veterans - L.Polugaevsky, M.Tal, E.Geller and one more debutant J.Balashov have supported them.

p047 The special postmark devoted to selection competition in a team of Argentina on XXIV Chess Olympiad have the mistake: "XXI" instead of "XXIV". * Romanian mail applied in city Timishoare a machine slogan postmark of with a wish of successes to the Romanian sportsmen on chess Olympiad on Malta.

p048 XXV Chess Olympiad (Lucerne, 30.10 - 16.11.1982) was won a team of the USSR. 14th the victory of a team of the USSR on Chess Olympiads was noted on stamp of Malagasy Republic. A mail of the USSR has not noted any of victories of chess players of the country. * It was last World Chess Olympiad for M.Tal who has finished her without defeats, as well as A. Karpov and G.Kasparov. * The letter with a special postmark sent from Ausstellungshalle Аllmend - places of realization of XXV Chess Olympiad.

"CHESS OLYMPIADS". The collection was on display since 1986 on regional, all-Union (since 1992 - All-Russia) and the international philatelic exhibitions in the USSR and Russia, and also exhibitions abroad.
* ЭКСПОЗИЦИЯ "ШАХМАТНЫЕ ОЛИМПИАДЫ". Объем 96 листов (6 стендов по 16 листов). Коллекция экспонировалась с 1986 года на региональных, всесоюзных (с 1992 года - Всероссийских) и международных филателистических выставках в СССР и России, а также выставках за рубежом.

My collection "World Chess Olympiads" * Моя коллекция "Всемирные Шахматные Олимпиады"

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