EXHIBITION "CHESS OLYMPIAD" Frame 5. (Volume of 96 sheets - 6 frames x 16 sheets). EXHIBITOR Vladislav AMIGUD. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA (2007) 

p065 The mails of Philippines and Romania have noted XXX Chess Olympiad two stamps and the mini sheet.


p067 XXXI Chess Olympiad was held in Moscow 30.11.-17.12.1994. In her have taken part record quantity of teams - 124 (including 3 teams of hosts of Olympiad). For the first time in a history two teams from one country were on a podium - Russia "A" on I a place, and Russia "B" on III place. * RUSSIA "A": G.Kasparov, V.Kramnik, E.Bareev, A.Dreev, S.Tivjakov, P.Svidler. * V.Kramnik has finished and my 2nd the Olympiad without defeats. * The special postcard and the postmark devoted to XXXI Chess Olympiad (with an address mark of organizing Committee of XXXI Olympiad).

p068 On a podium between two (!) Russian teams there were chess players of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Too a little who expected it. * The mail of Bosnia and Herzegovina has noted silver medals of the compatriots on XXXI Olympiad, having devoted to them one stamp (value 0,40) in the minisheet issued in 1998. * Special envelope and special postmark of the Hungarian mail, devoted to XXXI Chess Olympiad. Lists of man''s and female teams of Hungary are written on this envelope. For the first time in a history on 1-st board of a man''s team played of a woman - well-known Judit Polgar.

p069 The special postmark, was applied in city Mol (Yugoslavia) in day of opening of XXXI Olympiad. * The special postmark, was applied in city Timishoary (Romania) in day of closing of XXXI Olympiad.

p070 Yerevan accepted XXXII Chess Olympiad 15.09. - 2.10.1996. * Complex of Sports and concert - a place of games of Chess Olympiad. * The emblem of XXXII Chess Olympiad is represented on stamps of Armenia. * A set of stamps of Armenia in honour of XXXII Chess Olympiad is issued in the perforated and imperforated variants. * The special postmark of the First day of issue of stamps, marks also day of opening of XXXII Chess Olympiad

p071 On XXXII Chess Olympiad the team of Russia has gained 3th in succession a victory. * G.Kasparov, V.Kramnik, A.Dreev and P.Svidler - without defeats. * G.Kasparov became the 7-fold winner of Chess Olympiads and the best chess player of this Olympiad. * Equatorial Guinea has noted XXXII Olympiad of stamp in a set devoted to chess events of year. * The special postmark devoted to XXXII Chess Olympiad was applied in the Romanian city of Kluzh during realization of this event.

p072 The PSC (circulation of 3000 copies) with a special postmark are devoted to a philatelic exhibition « Armenia ` 96 », which has passed in the frame of the cultural program of XXXII Chess Olympiad. * A special postmark devoted to opening of Congress F.I.D.E. and the First day of issued stamps as the booklet devoted to this event. President F.I.D.E. K. Iljumzhinov was re-elected on this congress on new term.

p073 XXXIII Chess Olympiad has passed in Elista (26.09 - 13.10.1998). The team of Russia acting without G.Kasparov and V.Kramnik has won. Debutants of 1st team A.Morozevich, V.Zvjagintsev and K.Sakaev - without defeats. A.Morozevich was the 3rd among the best chess players of Olympiad. The mails of Russia, Romania and Somalia have devoted to XXXIII Chess Olympiad of stamps and special postmarks.

p074 The team of Russia (again without G.Kasparov and V.Kramnik) has won XXXIV Chess Olympiad (Istanbul 28.10 - 12.11.2000). * A.Morozevich, S.Rublevsky, K.Sakaev, debutant A.Grishchuk - without defeats. A.Morozevich became the best chess player of Olympiad. * Postcard and special postmark of Turkey in honour of XXXIV Olympiad. This postmark were applied only in the first day of Olympiad only a few hours, for technical reasons, . The World Champion among women Antoaneta Stefanova for the first time play in a man`s team of Bulgaria. * PSE and a special postmark of Romania in honour of XXXIV Chess Olympiad.

p075 The first in the 3rd millennium XXXV Chess Olympiad (Bled, 25.10 - 12.11.2003) has collected record quantity of the countries - 132. For the first time on a podium the team of Armenia - 3 place. Silver - at a team of Hungary. And the winner - again a team of Russia. * The mail of Slovenia has devoted XXXV to Chess Olympiad the block from two stamps and the special postmarks. * The special calendar postmark used daily during Olympiad. * The special postmark of opening of XXXV Chess Olympiad.

p076 The team of Russia has won in Bled and became the 6-fold champion of the World Chess Olympiads, and - in succession! It is more was only a team of the USSR. * G.Kasparov - the 8-fold winner (4 times with a team of the USSR). He was the best chess player of Olympiad four times. * In V. Kramnik the triple winner of Chess Olympiads on which has not lost any party. A.Halifman - the triple winner of Chess Olympiads. In 2002 was the 3rd among the best. Also triple winners-A. Morosevich, A.Dreev, 4-fold - S. Rublevsky and A.Bareev (1 time with a team of the USSR). The FIVEFOLD winner - P.Svidler.

p077 « Prize Nona Gaprindashvili » for the best total result of man''s and female teams of one country for the first time is played on XXXV Olympiad. The prize was received by the Russian Chess federation. * Mail of Romania has noted XXXV Chess Olympiad, issuing the mini sheet from three stamps. * A special postmark of the mail of Slovenia in commemoration of Congress F.I.D.E., in the frames of XXXV Chess Olympiad.

p078 The mini sheet of Equatorial Guinea devoted to Chess Olympiad in Bled. PSE and a special postmark of Romania in honour of opening XXXV Chess Olympiad.

p079 XXXVI Chess Olympiad was held on island Malorka in city of Kalvia of 14.-30.10.2004. * The team of Ukraine (was occupying on 32nd both 33rd Olympiads 2 and 3 place) has won for the first time. * The double champion of Olympiads in a team of the USSR, nowadays - the leader of a team Ukraine - V. Ivanchuk (look on fields of the mini sheet of Congo), has finished Olympiad without defeats, as well as young debutants P.Eljanov and S.Karjakin. * World Champion of F.I.D.E. of 2002 R.Ponomarev (represented on stamp of the mini sheet of Congo) play on 2nd board. * The special postmark in honour of XXXVI Chess Olympiad, used in Kalvia daily during her realization.

p080 The mail of Spain issue the stamp devoted to Chess Olympiad. A special postmarks of the First day of an emission of this stamp were applied in Madrid, Barcelona and Kalvia. * FDC of stamp (Madrid). * The mail of Romania on (already) tradition has noted Chess Olympiad PSE.

"CHESS OLYMPIADS". The collection was on display since 1986 on regional, all-Union (since 1992 - All-Russia) and the international philatelic exhibitions in the USSR and Russia, and also exhibitions abroad.
* ЭКСПОЗИЦИЯ "ШАХМАТНЫЕ ОЛИМПИАДЫ". Объем 96 листов (6 стендов по 16 листов). Коллекция экспонировалась с 1986 года на региональных, всесоюзных (с 1992 года - Всероссийских) и международных филателистических выставках в СССР и России, а также выставках за рубежом.

My collection "World Chess Olympiads" * Моя коллекция "Всемирные Шахматные Олимпиады"

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